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Aligned Living

Healing With horses


Individual Sessions

Find peace, develop confidence, let go of the things which are holding you back. Discover joy, improve relationships, engage with life. It’s easier than you think!


I would not be where I am today if I didn’t come for help and can’t thank her enough. Aligned Living is a comfortable, safe place where you can share anything you like. You will always be supported and looked after and I love every bit of it.
— Teen Recovering from anxiety & depression

Family Sessions

Family sessions are a fun way to help the family reconnect! Strengthen your relationships with each other as you do activities with our horses.

Contact with Aligned Living will turn your life around for the better
— Bel W

School Programs

 We offer programs at our horse property in Wanneroo or at your school. Our programs can help students discover their identity, meaning and purpose, learn social and emotional skills, or develop their leadership abilities.  

I felt so accepted, and I remembered something that I don’t often manage to. I can be ok with me, in every moment, no matter what. I can even love myself, love myself as I am, not only in achievement or good times, but in all circumstances. I felt so peaceful and thankful, and I carried this through the rest of my day, even though things were not easy.
— Recovering aLCOHOLIC

Community Programs

We love to join in with community festivals and support local communities however we can. Perhaps your volunteers need some time to wind down or up skill? Keep them engaged using horses and the outdoors at our peaceful property.

An unforgettable experience. I would recommend Aligned living for anyone that wishes to discover themselves on a deeper level and those that feel stuck on their path. Joy and the horses are wondeful teachers and I am forever grateful.
— JC

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